About Us

It is our everyday endeavor to provide time bound clearances for every shipment in the most efficient manner causing minimal delay to the movement of the cargo and maximizing its utility by ensuring speedy clearances.

Today, supported by our robust network of international partners, we have been serving and satisfying customers across international borders and industries, providing end-to-end shipment visibility at every point in their freight journey.

Our depth and width of expertise in performing related activities pertaining to both local and international shipments has allowed us to provide a streamlined supply chain for each individual client – delivering shipments on time and most importantly, maintaining shipment integrity.

Through the use of technology, experience, and highly trained personnel we provide our customers with the highest level of service and supply chain solutions. Our complete dedication to excellence has remained constant ensuring that our focus on providing the absolute highest quality service to our clients is never diminished.

Why choose us


Whatever the end destination for your cargo is, be sure that thanks to us it will arrive on time and even faster!


We provide a range of services a to streamline the supply chain and create cost savings for our customers.


We offer this service to track your cargo in real-time on a free basis. This is the perfect extra gift we can offer our clients!