Air Freight

The Air freight market has never been competitive like today. Central Ports works with high profile strategic airline partners on direct contracts and has extensive synergy network. We secure the space for our clients when they need it. Central Ports’s Global Air freight Forwarding & Air Cargo Service offers highly competitive market leading Air freight rates with full operational services as screening, shipment building and consolidations, our Air freight services are the market leading low cost, tractable, and bespoke to meet the demands of speed and reliability for every size of business.

Subject matter experts

Air freight specialist’s at Central Ports owns decades of  collective experience on both the carrier and freight forwarding sides of industry. We help our clients to guide them toward routes and strategies to save them time and money.

Intelligent procurement strategy

We respect consistency and can provide bespoke exclusive rates for regular shipment bookings on block space terms so our clients are always guaranteed must fly status. For our low volumes or adhoc clients through our global contracts we can offer you up to 30% cost savings.

Efficiency through unique disruptive technology

The traditional Air freight model is a guess cargo density, assume a high amount of waste and pass along the inflated costs to clients. At Central Ports, we are modernizing the industry through our unique technology by using our structured booking system to better optimize consolidations, reduce waste, and keep rates competent.

End-to-end Air freight services

we offer comprehensive service for warehousing at our partner facilities, including screening, building containers, palletize, labels, and loads client air cargo. Fewer hands mean fewer opportunities for mistakes, and a more efficient process.

Charter Freighter Services

We have exclusive Freighter and charter services for all sizes of cargo. By offering our freighter and charter flights, we’re able to provide our clients reliable space and a superior end-to-end experience at competitive rates.