Supply Chain Management

Getting your goods to market on time, in the right quantities, and in good shape, is a complex business. In cooperation with our Global associates Central Ports’s specialized contract logistics and value-added services can take the strain of the multi-faceted operation for you, with full supply chain visibility freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Strategic Synergy facilities worldwide

Central Ports is providing contract logistics including world-class warehousing & distribution facilities throughout the region. Our integrated network of associate partners allows for global supply chain optimization with an end-to-end service for all clients.

Around the world, major manufacturers, distributors and retailers from the fashion, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and automotive sectors rely on Central Ports contract logistics support.

Efficient, agile supply chain

Leveraging our shared resources, centralized warehousing and economies of scale for your third party logistics (3PL) and supply chain management, we use our expertise in demand planning to reduce your capital investment and respond flexibly to the fluctuating demands of the local, regional and global markets helping to increase your competitive advantage.

Value added services include component assembly, repacking and labeling. For time-sensitive products, cross-docking and fast flow-through capabilities help ensures speedy delivery to market.

Whether you are looking for storage and transportation support or to outsource your existing regional or global logistics operations, our comprehensive contract logistics solutions are fully customizable to meet your needs with cost-effective end-to-end service packages.